Structural dualism, socio-evolutionary reproduction and the transformation of orthodoxy and heterodoxy in economics

The present paper evaluates Davis’s analysis of the potential transformational change of current orthodoxy and his main proposition of the potential benefits that will arise from the involvement of traditional heterodoxy with the new research programmes of mainstream pluralism based on a thematic and methodological division of labour between them. It is proposed that there is an all-pervasive structural dualism that tends to augment and complicate differences on intellectual, sociological and real-world external terms beyond the limits envisaged by Davis. This broader conception of dualism is situated in a socio-evolutionary context, which prevents the convergence of mainstream pluralism and traditional heterodoxy into a transformational orthodoxy. Contrary to sequential processes, change in economics is governed by a socio-evolutionary process in which the selection of reproductive traits is variable over time. A simple socio-evolutionary framework is presented to suggest the most likely outcomes regarding the transformation of current orthodoxy.

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